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Pulau Hantu


There were once two great warriors locked in a fierce battle at sea. Many people died and the blue seas slowly became polluted with human blood, upsetting the Jinns at the bottom of the ocean. In anger, one powerful Jinn created a whirlpool and sucked the two warriors deep into the sea to drown them. Undeterred, they continued their battle.

Suddenly, the Jinn sprayed water onto one of them. The other warrior, seeing his opponent blinded, thrust his sword into his abdomen. At the same time, the wounded warrior forced his sword into the other man. Both collapsed and died.

The gods felt it was wrong for the seas' spirits to interfere in human affairs, so the Jinn transformed the two warriors into islets so that their spirits could live on. As one of the warriors was smaller than the other, his islet was known as Pulau Hantu Kecil, while the larger one was named Pulau Hantu Besar.

(info extracted from http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/nature/southern-islands/sisters-islands-pulau-hantu/)

Home is where the heart belongs; the sense of familiarity and homeliness when diving in Singapore waters is one of the main reasons why Pulau Hantu is becoming one of the most popular sites visited by locals. Conveniently located just half an hour away from Singapore main island, a dive trip to Pulau Hantu is the perfect getaway for short day trips over weekends; save the hassle of applying leave and packing for overnight stays! Pulau Hantu consists of two islands, Pulau Hantu Besar and Pulau Hantu Kechil, with a total area of 12.6 hectares lined with native seashore plants.

Despite the close proximity to the main land, Pulau Hantu is reputable for its rich coral reefs  and great diversity of marine life. Divers can be prepared to spot the prismatic mushroom corals, mischevious seahorses, eccentricly contoured nudibranchs, playful anemonefish and damsel fishes. For those lucky ones, they might even spot sea turtles and the rare giant clam too!

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