Dive Courses, NAUI | Scuba Refresher

Scuba Refresher

Take the time to be properly trained and keep your experience current to look forward to many more dive adventures. Diving is both a mental and physical sport.

If you feel your scuba diving skills are rusty, our refresher course is just what you are looking for!

Our comprehensive 2 hour practical session will assist you in getting your "feel" back.  Conducted at Geylang East Swimming Complex, our Instructors will cover the fundamental skills of diving, some of which are listed below :

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive fundamentals
  • Identifying Problems and rectifying them
  • Air Consumption at depth
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning

At Leeway we place safety and education as the utmost priority. As such, we practice a certain degree of flexibility during pool sessions : divers are able to request for emphasis on any skills which are of a pressing concern to them.

Dive safely, have fun, and you can boldly dive till you are old.

How much does it cost?

  • $70 per person
  • $60 per person for a group of 4 or more

Note :

You are responsible to ensure you're medically qualified to participate in this activity. Please view our medical guidelines & release forms that you will need to fill out when you arrive at the dive shop. No refunds will be given to those deemed medically unqualified. This is for your safety.