1. What is NAUI?

Ans: Please refer to http://www.leeway.com.sg/about-us/naui for more information on NAUI Organisation.

2. Is it possible for me to wear contact lens while diving?

Ans: Yes, but at one's own risk as there is a possibility that the contact lens might get shifted or washed away when the eyes are exposed to water while diving. An alternative to this is to purchase a mask with prescriptive lenses.

3. Is it guaranteed that I can get certified after attending all classes for a dive course?

Ans: No. The criteria necessary to get oneself certified includes:

    • Attending all classes (Theory and Pool Sessions)
    • Getting at least 75% for the written examination
    • Instructor's assessment on the competency of each and every student to properly hone the skills learnt in both pool and open water dives

4. When will I be able to collect my C-Card (Certification Card) after being told that I have passed the course?

Ans: Upon being told that one has passed the undertaking course, the C-card will be ready for collection three weeks from then. The collection of card can be done at Leeway Sub-Aquatic Pte Ltd. To prevent disappointment, it is advisable to call and check for the card availability before making a trip down to the diving center.

5. Will the equipment required for diving be provided?

Ans: Students who have signed up for the courses will be provided with the necessary equipment that will be used for diving during the training. There will be no providence of equipment to the leisure divers except for the use of tanks and weights. However, equipment is available for rental upon request.

6. What are some preparations to be done for open water dives?

Ans: First and foremost, all divers who are going to participate in the open water dives should be well-equipped with the knowledge required in the fielding of diving. Research on the weather and tidal forecase should also be done to prepare oneself for the trip as well as to think of probable contingency plans should diving at some sites or diving as a whole is made impossible.

Divers who have stopped diving a period of six months of more are reminded to sign up for at least one refresher session to familiaize oneself with the dive equipment and processes before proceeding to conduct any open water dives.

As for the items to prepare for a dive trip, one can take reference, but not limited to the following:

    • Motion sickness pills (refer to the instructions on dosing)
    • Self-medication
    • Swimming costumes
    • Toiletries
    • Exra set(s) of clothing
    • Snacks
    • Passport and/or necessary supporting documents for custom clearing
    • Currency for the place of travel
    • Diving Equipent:
      • Mask
      • Snorkel
      • Weight Belt
      • Fins
      • Booties (if applicable)
      • Buoyancy compensator (BC) / Buoyancy control device (BCD)
      • Regulator set
      • Dive knife
      • Delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB)
      • Dive computer / table
      • Spare underwater watch

7. How long does it take to reach Pulau Aur for the trips leaving Leeay Sub-Aquatic Pte Ltd?

Ans: Depending on the traffic and weather condition, the time required may differ.Two modes of transport will be utilized for travelling to Pulau Aur. By van/bus, leaving Leeway Sub-Aquatic Pte Ltd, an approximate timing required to reach Mersing Jetty will be three hours. From which, another estimated timing of five hours is required to reach Pulau Aur, Sebukang Bay, by boat.

8. How is the itinerary like for the trip to Pulau Aur?

Ans: Please refer to http://www.leeway.com.sg/course/diving/scuba-jr-scuba-diver/138 for more information.

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